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the lancet

A β-blocker (pindolol) and a diuretic (clopamide) were given in different dosages, singly and in two different combinations, to 71 patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension. The trial design was such that patients took both drugs singly and in combination, and in different doses, according to a set plan. The best. Being overweight or obese, as measured with body-mass index or central adiposity (waist circumference), and the trajectory of body-mass index over the life course have been associated with brain atrophy, white matter changes, disturbances of blood–brain barrier integrity, and risk of all-cause late-onset dementia and. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia, and because the primary risk factor for AD is old age, the prevalence of the disease is increasing dramatically with ageing populations worldwide. Even in high-income countries, the cost of medical care and associated societal burdens of dementia threaten to. Gastroenterology Journal Elsevier Inc. Our privacy policy is here: American Journal of Medicine Elsevier Inc. The Journal of Pain Elsevier Inc. Annals of Emergency Tundra pakistan Elsevier Inc.

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